The aims and objectives of the association is to work with no friction for a better governance and good delivery of results. Broadly, the association has classified its activities into the following sections.

1 – Projecting AMUOBA
Establishing and improving - AMUOBA as a voluntary representative body of AMU, floating the name of University in the employment sector of Kuwait, be it government or private.

2 – Alumni Community Service
Program to organize social events (dinners and get togethers, sports and games, medical / blood donation camps, Clean Kuwait, thus linking us with the Kuwaiti community), celebrations on the occasion of our religious observance, Indian and Kuwaiti National days and events, honouring and assisting the meritorious and needy students.

3 - Advocacy and information
Keeping the members updated with ever changing visa rules and local laws that concern us / embassy procedures

4 - Relief & rehabilitation
A programme to provide relief and rehabilitation to victims of sectarian violence and natural disasters, wherever and whenever needed and possible for us.

5 – Innerwheel Club
Establishing of an exclusively ladies club within the association, under the nomenclature, ‘Innerwheel Club”, to give them the needed freedom amongst themselves. Membership to the AMUOBA is open to those who are an alumnus of AMU having a valid Kuwaiti residency and to their family members irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity or nationality. The AMU Alumni Association greets and welcomes one and all who cherish AMU values and ideals. Come and join - be a part of this great Association. Last but not the least – inculcating amongst Aligarians the spirit of - “Service above Self”.