My dear brothers & sisters,

Greetings and warm welcome to our first issue of Gazette.

As alumni, we have Aligarh Muslim University our alma mater.

Like alumni, alma mater is also a Latin phrase which means nourishing mother. So, AMU is our mother and we the alumni are her children, - part of a vast and wonderful family. We all, alumni and friends of AMU can be proud of our heritage of educating men and women from all backgrounds and launching them into lives of professional accomplishment and country services. As alumni we are a part of a great and worthy mission that reaches back more than a century and forward indefinitely.

As said, no technology can beat face time for creating relationships and experts agree that the best way to start building a team is by bringing members / leaders together to meet in person. But unfortunately, we are passing through one of the most agonizing dilemma of our lives. The COVID19, is holding the world to ransom. All that is needed is that we – Stay at Home, Socially Distance till the black clouds pass.

Our initial plan of launching this, “Gazette”, with gaiety and fanfare could not be materialized because of the state of complete lockdown that we are in. Nevertheless, the efforts of Asim Kidwai and Ms. Saima Rafat, did not let the opportunity slip. Identifying the lowest common denominator, they have been able to cultivate this work piece of, “Gazette”

It is a great pleasure for me that I write this lead off for the first time, - for the first ever, Gazette, being released by Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association – Kuwait Chapter.

The members of AMUOBA Executive Council, have given their best by volunteering for – all that the Association has done until now and stand, committed - shoulder to shoulder to respond, when the duty – Shall Call.

Hope we will continue to work inform, engage and inspire alumni to stay connected to their alma mater, support its vision and contribute to its success and above all be an ambassador of the Great – Aligarh Muslim University.

Over to you……dear readers…!!

Thank You….!!!

Irfan Mohammad Khan