The AMUOBA initiative, of conducting online Islamic Quiz has been a success by the grace of Allah. MashaAllah, In all there were 17 participants.


Sr. No. Name Score Rank
01 Mohammad Firoz Anwer 49 First
02 Mohammad Ainul Haque 49 First
03 Sadia Sumbul Ms. 48 Second
04 Nauroz Ahmad 47 Third
05 Zahiruddin Qudsi 46 Consolation
06 Adil Sareer 46 Consolation

The other participants were, Nubla Khalid Ms., Syed Amaan Shahab, Afroz Saddam, Mohammad Zahid Anwar, Sheeba Choudhry Ms., Saima Rafat Ms., Mohammad Maseehuddin, Chanda Rahman Ms., Abdul Sattar, Siraj Ahmad Khan, Mohammad Asif,

The Answer Sheet of the quiz was provided along with the result for the participants to compare their answers and also for the benefit of those who could not participate but would still like to update their knowledge on the asked questions.

AMUOBA expressed its thank to all those who participated in the quiz and made it a success. JazakAllah Khair to each one of you for participating and encouraging us to conduct this event again in future.

Our EC Member, Taqi Hasan, played a very important role in evaluating the scores of entries of this Islamic Quiz. The task which was equally quizzing with app. score of entries with 50 varying answers

May Allah increase us all in ilm and imaan and humility, and give us the strength to shun sin and transgression in our words and deed.. Aameen…!!!!