Blood Donation – A Report

A blood donation camp was organised by Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association, Kuwait Chapter (AMUOBA) at the Central Blood Bank, Jabriya on February 15, 2020. The camp was open to members and others between the age group of 18 to 65 years, who fulfilled the conditions as laid down by the Central Blood Bank, Kuwait. There were four women and eighteen men donor participants, thus making a total of 22. The blood was donated by 16 members. The others were not allowed on account of not fulfilling the conditions governing the donor’s profile. The primary condition being that the donor should not have travelled to specified country/s, immediately preceding six months. The process of blood donation started at 1:00 in the afternoon and continued until 6:30 evening. Since, Saturday was a working day for many of the members. Hence, they trickled in one by one. The blood donation took place in blood bank, in the presence of medical experts. Through a questionnaire, it was ensured that donors were in good health. This is a routine procedure adopted before collection of blood in order to avoid any health issues, post-transfusion.

Blood makes up about 7% of our body and one donation can save upto three people. Donating blood can help in treating patients suffering from cancer, bleeding disorders, chronic anaemia associated with cancer, sickle cell anaemia, and other hereditary blood abnormalities.

While donated blood is beneficial for people in need, some medical professionals maintain that donating blood also benefits the donor. Health benefits of donating blood include good health and reduced risk of cancer and hemochromatosis. It helps in reducing the risk of damage to liver and pancreas. Donating blood may help in improving cardiovascular health and reducing obesity. The benefits of blood donation are endless.

The blood donation event was managed and coordinated by AMUOBA EC Member, Tariq Wasim. There was arrangement for post donation refreshments for all the donors who had come there to participate in this noble cause, regardless of their link with AMUOBA. Encouraged by the donor’s enthusiasm, Mrs. Saima Rafat, another of the AMUOBA EC member was of the opinion, to mobilise the Innerwheel, - ladies wing of the Association to organise an exclusive, all women donors event in days to come besides working actively to create awareness on importance and need of blood donation. Here, it is important to know that human blood cannot be manufactured, people are the only source of it. This is one reason, why it is important to donate blood.

The most encouraging and boosting gesture was that of Mr. Salman Siddiqui, one of the senior most AMU alumnus in Kuwait. Despite the age bar, he went extra efforts to seek an eligibility certificate of his good and sound health from his regular Doctor to be able to donate blood. He had a couple of extra rounds to clear at the blood bank before donating the blood. An Encouragement for us. – MashaAllah.

Those who turned up at the camp for blood donation were:

Irfan Mohammad Khan, Tariq Wasim, Yusuf Abdullah, Tariq Ahmad Sibtey, Mr. Syed Shahabuddin, Mrs. Saima Rafat, Mrs. Rana Khan, Mohammad Mushahid, Masroor Alam, Mr. Salman Siddiqui, Ahteshamullah Khan, Mohammad Asif, Ahmad Raza Farooqui, Mohammad Riaz, Mohammad Razi Khan, Mrs. Shaysta Parveen, Ms. Uroosa Khan, Mohammad Maseehuddin, Shafaq Mumtaz, Mateen ur Rahman, Taqui Hasan and Mohammad Shariq.

The need of blood units at the blood bank has always been a major concern. Hence AMU Old Boys’ Association, appeals to all citizens to come forward and be a part of this noble cause. Your donated blood can give someone another chance at life.